ASDACS AGM 2022 - Chair Report

ASDACS AGM 2022 - Chair Report

The year of change continues with the retirement of Megan Simpson Huberman and Grant Campbell (NZ representative) from the board. We would like to extend our gratitude as they contributed greatly to ASDACS current stability. This year they helped oversee the modernisation of the constitution and the implementation of both the strategic and risk mitigation plans. The board also implemented the governance training for all board members. On that note we would like to welcome Howard Taylor (NZ representative) who’s expected appointment is due in November. Howard is an experienced film practitioner and served on the DEGANZ board since its inception over 25 years ago. He was President for 5 years before recently stepping down. The board wishes to thank Deb Jackson and her team for continued excellence.   The key takeaways for the year are listed below.     

-Scott Hartford Davis, ASDACS Chair

Key Highlights (1 July 2021 – 30 June 2022)



Cultural and Charitable purposes fund




Global Collections and Collecting Society Partnerships


Other activities:


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