Collection & Distribution

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ASDACS has agreements with over 37 international collecting societies. On an annual basis, we aggregate and distribute the income it has collected from these societies received in the previous year to members.

European systems for collecting broadcast data vary from country to country, and ASDACS complies with a wide range of requirements for research, work confirmation and claim documentation before income is received. Broadcasts of Australian and New Zealand works in foreign languages can often present challenges to our research. Our own data is used to cross-check and verify overseas lists.

Upon receiving this money ASDACS must devise a fair and equitable system of distribution to individual directors. Where rights have not been allocated at source, a number of factors are involved in determining the amount payable to each eligible director. These factors include the type of program, the length of work and its use. Please see our distribution rules and practices for further information.


ASDACS also manages collections for directors through the mandated collection agency for all screen royalties in Australia and New Zealand - Screenrights. ASDACS registers, collects and distributes on behalf of its international partners and ASDACS’ members, for directors’ royalties (retransmission by free to air broadcast). For more information, please see the Your Rights page.

Uncontactable directors

ASDACS is currently holding royalties for the list of uncontactable directors below. Please contact 02 9555 7042 or to ensure that you receive all the royalties collected in your name for foreign broadcasts.