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International Governance


The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers

Founded in 1926, CISAC is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation set up to protect the rights and promote the interests of creators worldwide. Based in France, CISAC oversees international collective management organisations to ensure royalties flow to authors for the use of their works.

International Standards & Tools

International Documentation on Audiovisual Works

Owned by CISAC, IDA is a not-for profit worldwide audiovisual rights management system that Authors Societies consult to get accurate information on audiovisual works and rights owners.

Interested Parties Information

IPI is a not-for-profit global online database system administered by SUISA. IPI is utilised by collection agencies to register and identify creative right holders.

International Standard Audiovisual Number

ISAN is a voluntary international numbering system and metadata schema for the unique and persistent identification of any audiovisual works.

International Collecting Society Partners (Unilateral* and Reciprocal Agreements)


Uruguayan Authors' General Society

AIPA - Slovenia

Collecting Society of Authors, Performers and Film Producers of Audiovisual Works of Slovenia, k.o.

AKKA-LAA – Latvia

Copyright and Communication Consulting Agency / Latvian Authors Association


Asociația Națională Copyright

ALBAUTOR - Albania

Albanian Collective Management Society of Creators' Rights in Music and Audiovisual

ATN - Chile

Society of Audiovisual Directors, Screenwriters and Playwrights

AuPO CINEMA - Ukraine

All-Ukrainian Public Organization "Cinema"

BILD-KUNST – Germany

Image Art Collecting Society

COPYDAN - Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands

Arts, Knowledge and Entertainment Collective

Copyswede - Sweden


DAC - Argentina

General Association of Directors Authors Cinematographic and Audiovisual

DAMA - Spain

Audio-visual Media Copyright Collecting Society

DASC – Colombia

Colombian Society of Audiovisual Directors

DBCA - Brazil

Brazilian Directors of Cinema and Audiovisual Works

DHFR – Croatia

Croatian Film Directors’ Guild

DILIA – Czech Republic

Theatre, Literary and Audiovisual Agency

DGJ* - Japan

Directors Guild of Japan

DGK* - Korea

Directors Guild of Korea

EAU – Estonia

Estonian Authors’ Society

FILMJUS* - Hungary

Hungarian Society for the Protection of Audio-Visual Authors’ and Producers’ Rights

GCA - Georgia

Georgian Copyright Association

Kopiosto – Finland

Finnish Copyright Society

LATGA – Lithuania

Specialist in Dramatic and Audiovisual Works

LITA – Slovak Republic

Slovakian Society of Authors

NORWACO – Norway

Norwegian Rightholders in Audiovisual Work

SABAM* - Belgium

Belgian Authors Society

SAZAS – Slovenia

Society of Slovenian Composers and Authors for the Protection of Copyrights and Related Rights

SACD – France

Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers

SCAM – France

Civil Society of Multimedia Authors (Factual Works)

SDGI - Ireland

Screen Directors Guild of Ireland

SGAE*- Spain

General Society of Authors and Editors

SIAE* – Italy

Italian Society of Authors and Publishers

Spautores – Portugal

Portuguese Society of Authors

SSA – Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Swiss Cooperative Society of Authors (French Language Works)

Suissimage – Switzerland

Swiss Authors' Rights Cooperative for Audiovisual Works

VDFS – Austria

Collecting Society of Filmmakers

VEVAM – Netherlands

Association for Directors of Audiovisual Works

ZAPA – Poland

Association of Authors and Audiovisual Producers

International Directors Guilds / Collecting Societies (Cross-Payment Agreements)

DGA - United States of America

The Directors Guild of America

DGC / DRCC - Canada

The Directors Guild of Canada / Directors’ Rights Collective of Canada

DUK - United Kingdom

Directors UK

Domestic Directors Guilds

ADG - Australia

Australian Directors Guild

DEGANZ - New Zealand

Directors and Editors Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand

International Affiliates


Alliance of Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Writers and Directors


Writers and Directors Worldwide

SAA - Europe

Society of Audiovisual Authors

FERA - Europe

Federation of European Film Directors