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ASDACS membership is open to all audio-visual directors that have at least one directors credit on a publicly screened or commercially exploited audio-visual work. Full members of the DEGANZ or ADG are also eligible to join. We welcome expressions of interest in membership from anyone who meet this criteria.

If your career is mostly in Australia or New Zealand then ASDACS is your natural choice. Our members also include screen directors of many nationalities who have directed Australian and New Zealand films.

You can apply for ASDACS membership through the online director's portal here: Register. Alternatively, simply complete the ASDACS membership form and ASDACS credits form and return via email: or via post: ASDACS, 28/330 -370 Wattle St, Ultimo, NSW 2007.


There are no upfront costs for joining ASDACS - we instead deduct any relevant fees on royalties that have been collected on your behalf when we pay these to you in our annual distribution. Membership is ongoing and renewal fees do not apply. If you wish to cancel your membership, you may do so at anytime by notifying ASDACS in writing. Membership and administration fees cover our annual operational costs so we can continue to provide our not-for-profit service to director members that would otherwise not exist. The full breakdown of fees deducted from royalties on distribution is below:

Administration fee Variable - annual operational expense as a % of total annual royalties collected (please contact the office for the current percentage rate).
Cultural and Charitable Purpose fee 4% on royalties - allocated to the ASDACS cultural and charitable purposes fund and granted to programs or charities that benefit directors.
Membership fee 10% on royalties – applied after the deduction of the administrative and cultural fee. Waived if you’re a member of the ADG or DEGANZ, a beneficiary or retiree.


Any bank interest earned on royalties prior to distribution to members is allocated to members as a % against their total income in ASDACS' distribution each year.


If you’re a resident of Australia for tax purposes, G.S.T is applicable on royalties. If you’re an international member, the relevant withholding tax rate will be applied. For further advice, please consult a tax agent or the Australian Taxation Office.

Dual Membership

ASDACS membership can coexist with the membership of other societies, such as the Directors Guild of America, Directors Guild of Canada or Directors UK (note some societies may not allow dual membership). However, we will only collect for the works you authorise us to collect for, as we cannot collect for the same work as another society.

Work Registration

We require that you register your credited works with us on joining. You will also have the opportunity to point out any works that are incomplete or incorrectly credited when you sign the warranty and indemnity declaration we send as part of our annual distribution. ASDACS will also contact you from time to time to verify your credits or to request any further title updates.

ASDACS registers your titles (unless you exclude works covered by another society) with our current collection partners so that they can match your credited works with titles that have screened in the relevant collection territory in order to identify any royalties that might be due to you.

Members can register new credits through the online director's portal here: Register or Sign In Alternatively, just complete the ASDACS credits form and return via email: or via post: ASDACS, 28/330 -370 Wattle St, Ultimo, NSW 2007.